• Anonymous : just to let you know chicojag reposted your gif without giving you credit >:(

    Uh, did they? Just because I appreciate Francisco’s work and I’m also using his videos to make GIFs with him, I can’t be mad for reposting my GIF :) But thanks for telling me!

  • peterpanss : Your top 5 male and female models?

    Oh, this is so hard (at males).

    In no particular order:

    Males: Vladimir Ivanov, River Viiperi, Francisco Lachowski, Sean O’Pry, Tobias Sorensen.

    Females: Cintia Dicker, Frida Gustavsson, Jac Jagaciak, Karlie Kloss, Barbara Palvin - we are at the same age so why not ha ha :)

  • loverpw : Play FIFA with Marlon Teixeira, enjoy my view, laugh with him, play football (EU) with him, cook for him, I don't know. Just have fun with him, I guess. And then see if he's nice and if he thinks I'm nice.

    Uh, I understand.

    Cook for him, hmm. That’s really sweet of you! (:

  • pearlnjade : I think models are cool :)

  • Anonymous : I think Sean just raised the sexiness level for boys all over the world. They all just don't compare.. :(

    Well, he has his contribution, indeed. But I personally like to think that every model is unique is his/her own way. And that’s why I love them!

  • Anonymous : I love Sean. He is like an alien. He must be from an other planet.

    And he brought his friends! I don’t know how much sexiness this planet can handle anymore :(

  • zokso : I know it's the male models fault for making me have very unrealistic expectations in men. But it's partly your fault too for posting cool gifs of these handsome Adonis(s). In other words thank you for posting such lovely GIFS! I've been looking for a blog that posts good GIFs instead of just pictures. =D

    Ha ha, oh my God, this message just made my day! Thank you so much! I know it is my fault and I am assuming it! :D I should say… Welcome to Paradise! Enjoy :)

  • Anonymous : hey! where did you get the gifs of Vladimir and Fracisco? Thanks!! love your blog so muchh

    Hey, thank you! I’ve got them from fashiontv - VLADIMIR IVANOV - FASHION DIARY - MILAN SS 2011

  • Anonymous : could you please make a gif of alexandre cunha and your blog is male model heaven :)

    Sure! And thank youu! :) I love living in Heaven, you know… haha :D Feel free to join me c:

  • Anonymous : Who are your favorite males models?

    Uhgg, there are so many. I’d say Silviu Tolu and Francisco Lachowski. They are literally killing me, it should be illegal to be that hot! Then, they are followed by River Viiperi, Sean O’Pry, Tobias Sorensen, Marlon Teixeira. Will this message be forbidden for containing so much sexiness in it? I’m just kidding :) But the sexiness thing is serious.